Our team of full-stack experts can build powerful, feature-rich applications using technologies such as React, Node and more. We take responsibility for the entire development process, from the initial consulting to establish your product vision through to UX/UI design, development and maintenance.
Web Applications
Any business that interacts with customers online needs an attractive and easy-to-use web product. With years of experience and hundreds of solved cases, we can guarantee that your web application will adhere to all search engine standards, accessibility rules and security requirements.

Technologies we use in web development


React Angular  Vue.js svelte


.NET Java Node.js PHP Python


episerver Sitecore Umbraco


Azure AWS Google Cloud Platform
Distributed Systems
If you plan to have a large high-load system with strict non-functional requirements, we apply the following principles in designing a distributed system for you:
  • Reusability
  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • Agility

We Favour Proven Architecture Patterns:

  • Microservices architecture
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Stateless components
  • CQRS and event sourcing
  • Event bus

Technologies we use to build distributed systems


.NET Java Node.js PHP Python

Message brokers

Nats kafka RabbitMQ


Azure Kubernetes


Elk Grafana Loki
Desktop Applications
Desktop apps are very versatile in terms of the technologies that can be used in their development, and they do not have the limitations of mobile and web apps. Our developers can create desktop applications and installation programs for Windows, Mac OS and Linux depending on the needs of a project.



WPF Universal Windows Platform




Electron Qt



Featured Case Studies

Implementing LTI 1.3 for LMS

Implementation of the latest version of the standard, LTI 1.3 and in particular LTI Advantage.

OneRoster 1.2 Integration for LMS

A solution for passing grade information from the LMS to a student information system (SIS)

Online Configurator of Balcony Structures

Develoment of online portal for automatic calculation of project cost based on multiple parameters.

Revamping Online Store and Warehouse Management System

Our team updated, upgraded and restructured a complex system serving online shops and storage facilities.

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